Winter Energy Saving Tips

Here in Atlanta, our air conditioners seem to work a whole lot harder than our heaters in the course of a year. But our occasional warm winter days don’t mean you can jack up your heat and still expect low monthly energy costs. With a bitter winter ahead of us, here are 10 tips for [...]

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What Is Emergency Heat?

Many thermostats come with an “Emergency Heat” setting. Whether your home has a combined HVAC system of a simple heat pump thermostat, you may not fully know what the Emergency Heat switch really is. We’ve seen many homeowners who opt to turn on the Emergency Heat whenever they want to give their home a heat [...]

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Top Heater System Types

To many people, it comes as a surprise that there is a wide variety of heaters out there. Often heating can be more complex than air conditioning. There are electric heaters and gas heaters, heaters that use water and heaters fueled by wood. Radiant heaters are best if you want a heating system that works [...]

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Five Common Heating Problems to Address This Fall

With what’s predicted to be a harsh winter just around the corner, fall is a good time for you to get familiar with common heating problems. Dealing with a poorly maintained heater now is a whole lot easier than coping with a chilly home in winter. Heater performance is determined by all kinds of factors. [...]

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Getting a Heating Check-up for Fall

Leaves are piling up and football is in the air. Fall is upon us in Atlanta! Fall is that awkward time of year when your gas furnace will come on at 5 am to break the morning chill and the air conditioner will be needed by noon when the temps rise above 80 degrees. Cooler [...]

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Why Choose Us

There is much more to finding an air conditioner repair provider than simply looking in a phone book and dialing the number. Most homeowners would like to make sure that the company they hire can do an excellent job at a good value. We have seven reasons you should consider Atlanta Air for your next [...]

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