Natural Cleaning Tips to Green Your Cleaning Routine

The air in your home may be more toxic than the air outside and this is often due to toxic chemicals in home cleaning supplies. To reduce chemical pollutants in your home there are plenty of natural options with no toxic side effects. As a matter of fact, the basic supplies you’ll need to make [...]

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Dehumidifiers, Demystified

When it comes to air conditioning, there is more to conditioning the air than simply relying on your HVAC system to cool the temperature of the air in your home. Sure, that’s part of it, but there’s also another part of the equation that few homeowners consider. The humidity. Arid Vs. Humid In a nutshell, [...]

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Indoor Air Quality for Christmas

What is indoor air quality? Indoor air quality (abbreviated IAQ) is a part of indoor environmental quality. It is a measure of how healthy is the air within any given structure is. You’ve seen the colored pollution markers in TV weather reports. Well, your home has air pollution too, caused by pets, plants and building [...]

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