Do It Yourself: Preventive HVAC Maintenance

You should have your HVAC unit inspected by a professional seasonally, but in between inspections you can still perform some regular maintenance tasks to keep your unit in top working condition. By performing these tasks regularly you will also be aware of any changes or problems in your system so you can contact a technician [...]

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Call a Professional: Preventive HVAC Maintenance That Should Only Be Performed by Trained Technicians

It is important that you schedule regular inspections and maintenance for your HVAC unit. While you can perform some basic maintenance task yourselves, the best way to ensure your system is running at its optimum efficiency is to hire a trained HVAC technician to perform a professional inspection. An added benefit of regular inspections is [...]

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Call Atlanta Air Care for Your Commercial HVAC Repairs and Maintenance

Atlanta Air Care is not only the most trusted name for residential HVAC repairs, we are also the leader in repair, replacement, and maintenance services for all brands and types of commercial HVAC units. You may not have had control of the installation of your commercial heating and air conditioning equipment, but it is your [...]

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Atlanta Air Care: Consistently the Top Service Provider in Metro Atlanta

For over a decade, Atlanta Air Care has proudly served Metro Atlanta’s residential and commercial heating and air conditioning needs and our customers consistently vote us as the area’s top service provider year after year. By providing our community with the most professional and well trained sales, service, and installation technicians, top of the line [...]

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10 Easy Tips for Reducing Your Energy Bill This Summer

Do you almost have a heart attack when you see your summer energy bills? Here are 10 ways to reduce your energy costs without sacrificing you or your family’s comfort: Use Programmable Thermostats: Set your thermostat to automatically shut off the AC when you’re away and save up to 10% per year on your energy [...]

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Include an A/C Tune-up on Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring has arrived and many of you are working on your spring cleaning checklists. Be sure to include an air conditioner tune-up on that list. After sitting outside all winter, your air conditioner needs a tune-up to check its parts, fluids, and lubricants. With hot weather right around the corner, it’s getting ready for its [...]

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Healthy Indoor Painting Tips

  A fresh coat of paint is a quick and inexpensive way to bring a change to your home’s interior. Before you begin your next home painting project, take some time to consider how you will protect yourself, your family, and your home’s air quality by taking a few simple steps. Choosing Your Paint Paint [...]

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End-of-Summer Installments

We are both sellers and servicers meaning that our staff here at Atlanta Air Care can both service your existing HVAC unit and install a new one for you. We carry many top air conditioning brands as well as extra-large units and high efficiency units. You may be wondering why we would tell our clients [...]

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Why Choose Atlanta Air

Most homeowners would like to make sure that the company they hire to work on their air conditioner can do an excellent job at a good value – especially if their air has stopped cooling altogether in the Atlanta heat! We have several reasons you should consider Atlanta Air Care for your next checkup, repair [...]

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Why You Should Get an AC Service Agreement

Whether your HVAC unit is many years old, brand new or yet to be installed, a qualified AC company should offer a service contract or maintenance agreement. Though not required, there are many benefits to entering into these contracts – and at Atlanta Air Care they’re a lot more affordable than you’d think! By understanding [...]

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