“I’m BORED!” Chances are you’ve heard a little one say that during a long day indoors or you may have even thought it yourself. Whether it’s raining, a blizzard, or just plain freezing outside, you can still have a fun day! Put on your coziest pajamas and try some of these activities. (You’ll notice there is no catching up on work, chores, or projects on this list!)


  1. Indoor Camp Out

Build a fort with chairs and blankets draped over the living room couch, or set up a small tent. Add airbeds, sleeping bags, and pillows. For a true camp out experience, light the fireplace to roast hot dogs and make s’mores.


  1. Reading Roundup

Have everyone gather their favorite books and magazines. Then snuggle up together with some blankets on the couch or by the fire and read independently or pick a book that interests everyone and take turns reading out loud.


  1. Afternoon Tea Party

Let your kids decide on the guest list (with dolls and stuffed animals included). Everyone should dress in their fanciest outfits and use their best manners at the table (napkins in laps and pinkies up!) Serve tea or hot chocolate with treats and little sandwiches cut in fun shapes.


  1. Movie Marathon

Does your family like a particular genre of movie or movie series? Have a film festival or movie marathon with back-to-back showings. Get comfy on the couch, grab a blanket and plenty of snacks, and settle in for hours of entertainment.


  1. Make a Fancy Dinner

Don’t order Chinese food or pizza delivery…make a fancy meal from scratch! Set your table with nice dinnerware and a few small candles, then whip up a delicious dinner together.


  1. Spa Treatments

Treat yourself to some spa treatments at home. Transform your bathroom into a relaxing spa-like environment with candles and soft music. Give yourself a manicure, pedicure, scrub, or face mask or take a nice long bubble bath with a book and favorite beverage.


  1. Happy Hour

Mix up your routine of an evening beer or glass of wine and make a pitcher of exotic cocktails. Try a few basic recipes and then alter them to suit your tastes. Hot cocktails are especially tasty on a cold winter evening. Show off your skills at your next dinner party.


  1. Games, Puzzles, and Charades

Let the games begin! Grab your favorite board game or if you’re feeling extra silly, take two games and combine them to invent your own. If you love puzzles, set up a puzzle in an area where it can be undisturbed for the several days it may take to complete. Break out the charades with a pre-packaged game or make your own by writing ideas on index cards.


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