After dozens of studies in the past two decades looking to find a correlation between CO2 and productivity, learning, and test scores, a recent Harvard School of Public Health study has confirmed that carbon dioxide (CO2) has a “direct and negative effect on human cognition and decision making.” The study found that as CO2 levels rose from a baseline of 600 parts per million (ppm) to 1000 ppm and 2500 ppm in a controlled office environment, the test subjects exhibited significant reductions in their decision-making performance. Participants’ cognitive scores (basic activity, applied activity, focused activity, task orientation, crisis response, information seeking, information usage, breadth of approach and strategy) were 61% higher on days working in well-ventilated “green” buildings with below-average indoor air pollution and CO2, than workers in “non-green” offices with typical pollutant and CO2 levels.

On average, a typical participant’s cognitive scores dropped 21% with a 400 ppm increase in CO2. Due to buildings being more tightly sealed in recent years, indoor CO2 concentrations are higher indoors than outdoors. The trade-offs between ventilation and energy efficiency has lessened air circulation. While the study concentrated on office buildings, it is easy to assume that similar results would be made in homes, schools, airplanes, and any other area where a large number of people occupy a small, sealed environment. This study is likely to be referenced when improvements to indoor air quality are suggested. Corporations interested in increasing productivity among their workers, schools embracing the opportunity for increased learning among students, and essentially any job where safety is a factor, will now also be analyzing CO2 readings when compiling information about indoor air quality.

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