Air-to-air heat pumps absorb heat from one space and transfer it to another by way of a heat exchanger (often a fin or coil), making them an energy-efficient alternative to traditional furnaces and air conditioners. They will keep you warm in the winter and cool in summer by using less energy which will result in lower energy bills. For example, it is estimated that for every dollar of electricity you put into a heat pump, you receive $2 to $4 of heat and a ground-source heat pump will cool for one-half the cost of a normal air conditioner. However, they may be one of the least understood aspects of an HVAC system by homeowners.

Not Just for Heating

While most heat pumps are installed to provide heating, they can supply you with year-round comfort by also acting as a central air conditioner in summer. Rather than bringing heat inside, simply change the settings on your thermostat and you can reverse its operation to collect the heat from inside your home and move it outside.

Correct Size is Crucial

To maintain maximum efficiency, you need to be sure to outfit your system with the correct sized heat pump. If your heat pump is too small, your system will constantly run in an attempt to reach its set point. This reduces outside coil temperature and causes the pump to defrost regularly. Heat pumps that are too large for a space will cause your heating (or cooling) system to cycle on and off repeatedly because the target temperature will be reached very quickly. This is not only inefficient, it will reduce the life expectancy of your unit.

Heat pumps that are sized, installed, and used properly can be an extremely energy-efficient form of heating and cooling. If you are interested in adding a heat pump to your home, consult your trusted, professional Atlanta Air Care heating and cooling experts. We consider your home’s region and location and specific local conditions such as seasonal temperature highs and lows. We also take into account the orientation of your home’s windows, its level of insulation, and amount of solar gain when sizing your home for a heat pump as well as your home’s occupants and their levels of activity. Call us today with any questions you may have about heat pumps or to schedule an installation. When it comes to your home, trust Atlanta Air Care!